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Content Management System

We are very excited to introduce our updated Content Management System for our customers. Lux CMS

New features include:
  • Manage Multiple websites from within the web browser
  • Use your exisiting webhost(s) and website(s)
  • Never have to download or install software
  • Easy to use
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Full featured file manager
  • Edit webpages titles, keywords and description
  • Duplicate webpages
  • Inteligent save confirmation to prevent loss of work
  • Preview webpage before publishing
  • View and restore any webpage revision for up to 90 days
  • Clean and repair markup using the built-in HTML Tidy tool
  • Manage content regions from within the CMS

Click here to view more details

New Company Rebrand

Our new company rebrand has had a huge impact towards our previous and new customers.

We are excitited to shortly introduce some new features to our customers....

New Name

We have decided to update our image along with a new name - Formally known as Rj Web Designs Ltd - We are now known as Lux Designs!

We hope you enjoy our new image and approach!

Page Flip Web Application

We have just released a new web application called Page Flip. A virtual catalogue / brochure. For more details please visit our page here.

Photo Studio

We now have a professional Photo Studio in development in our new building. This photo studio will be available to the public in 6-8 weeks. You will be able to book the studio for your own personal use along with professional advice or help if needed.

New Offices

A new office has been designed to accommodate RJ Web Designs. Come and visit and feel welcomed at our new offices.

More Technology

The latest technology has been upgraded within the company providing better security and results for websites!

New Apple Mac Laptops

New Apple Mac laptops have been invested to help RJ Web Designs to become more mobile and versatile with other companies.